Marketers can target lookalike audiences, boost ROI and conversion rates with geofencing marketing

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November 10, 2020, 1:53 AM GMT+0

Build geofencing location perimeters around retail stores to target high-intent consumers.

This piece states geofencing marketing techniques could help brands build online audiences and target consumers visiting retail locations. For geofencing to work, marketers must setup digital perimeters around a location’s building to target consumers going into retail stores.

Once a prospect crosses the “fence”, they become privacy-compliant allowing brands to target them with online ads. Marketers could also leverage consumer data of past store visits to gain insights on their interests, behaviours and preferences to create relevant and effective online ads.

Having a location-based audience from geofencing further enables brands to guide consumers to their campaigns on social media platforms. Narrow search parameters, target extended household members and retarget consumers from last year to create effective geofencing marketing campaigns during the holidays.

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