Marketers should define their target audience before creating their TikTok marketing strategy

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November 10, 2020, 11:04 AM GMT+0

TikTok is extremely popular among teenagers worldwide, followed by 20-to-29-year-old consumers.

Businesses should define their target demographic and geographical areas before creating a marketing campaign on TikTok. Marketers should learn about TikTok demographics, their content preferences and identify audiences that would be genuinely interested in their brand.

Because TikTok is a creator-led platform, brands should look for personalities who have expertise in their niche and have an established following on the platform. Conducting a competitor analysis can help brands identify their target audience and potential influencer partners.

Competitor analysis can further help brands to create an effective TikTok strategy that aligns with their target audiences’ needs and desires. But, marketers should make sure their TikTok strategies match the brand’s overall business objectives. They should also continuously monitor their TikTok efforts and leave room for modifications to improve performance.

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