Surveys can help marketers understand how the awareness about their brand is being spread

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November 10, 2020, 1:19 AM GMT+0

Tracking social listening metrics can help reveal influential brand advocates and calculate reach.

Growing brand awareness allows businesses to create brand equity in the market, build communities with loyal consumers, stay relevant, and drive sales. For marketers to measure brand awareness, they must consider certain metrics and calculate how many people know their brand.

To understand how and where the awareness of their brand is spread, marketers must create surveys targeting existing consumers and targeted audiences. Implement social listening tools to calculate mentions and tags on social networks, blogs, forums and more.

The number of people talking about the brand online must correlate with the number of people who know the brand. Marketers can also use tools like Google Analytics and Google Trends to analyse awareness, by measuring direct incoming traffic and brand search volume over-time.

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