Using data points in email subject lines can help improve click-through rates

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November 10, 2020, 3:34 PM GMT+0

Subject lines that included numbers saw a 206% higher click-through rate than those without numbers, according to a CoSchedule study.

Marketers should craft email subject lines in a manner that evokes curiosity and invoke numbers so that they can appeal to prospects logic centres. However, marketers should also ensure that the subject line does address the readers’ pain points. 

Marketers should make sure their subject lines are precise yet descriptive. Maintaining a character count between 36 and 50 can help businesses improve the chances of email open rates. They should also maintain proper online etiquette while cold pitching prospects via email.

Marketing and sales professionals should avoid writing in all caps or using emojis in email subject lines to improve open rates. They should further avoid false promises to prevent potential brand damage and avoid losing prospects. 

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