Buy-side must have compatible ad tech and unified audience definitions to sell to TV audiences

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November 12, 2020, 10:49 AM GMT+0

Combining the backend efforts with digital can help deliver holistic campaigns across all screens.

To reach out to a multi-screen TV audience, advertisers must scale both inventory and data-driven insights. Having compatible ad technologies and creating a unified audience definition can help advertisers scale inventory and data-driven insights.

Despite traditional linear ad tech being incompatible with digital, ad buyers must manage, plan, measure and report on audiences in the back-end to sell to unified TV audiences. This would fulfil linear deliveries close to real-time and highlight requirements for digital optimisation.

Agreeing upon a unified audience definition can help the buy-side and sell-side effectively target and measure metrics across multiscreen TV buys. A flexible marketplace with a fixed definition can help the buy-side use the unified audience segments across the TV landscape.

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