Create stories based on data to enhance decision making and communicate expertise

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November 12, 2020, 3:09 PM GMT+0

Presenting clean, clear and concise data-driven stories can help brands assert thought leadership.

This piece suggests ways brands could leverage data-driven stories to improve decision making. To craft compelling data-driven stories, marketers must understand their audiences, the context of the story, and consider campaign goals to select the right level of data for the story.

Further, brands must select relevant chart types like line charts, bar charts, and more to visualise and communicate the information more accurately. Placing key takeaways on each slide and outlining different solutions and problems is recommended to help readers understand the story better.

This allows brands to create more meaningful conversations with their audiences. Marketers must assess all the visual elements in their stories and remove charts or images considered unnecessary to maintain focus and deliver a decluttered experience.

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