Target specific keywords and address more extended questions in content to earn featured snippets

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November 13, 2020, 11:10 AM GMT+0

Optimising content for featured snippets helps boost brand authority and serves consumers with specific-intent.

This piece recommends ways brands can optimise their content for featured snippets. To feature content in snippets and improve SERP ranking, select relevant keywords with appropriate lengths, as 55.5% of keywords made with ten words had a featured snippet.

Considering longer queries asked and targeting a specific keyword can help brands create more intent specific content and appeal to prospects in the sales funnel. Further, with 29% of question-based keywords having a featured snippet, targeting words like “why”, “do”, “can” is recommended.

Ensure that the content doesn’t exceed around 40-50 words or 250-300 characters and create content in formats like paragraphs, lists, tables and videos to earn featured snippets. Using images, creating URL subfolders and dating the content can further help brands earn featured snippets.

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