Advertisers and Publishers must work together to improve the ad-tech ecosystem of DPO and SPO

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November 17, 2020, 1:20 PM GMT+0

With sell-side creating direct paths for ad buying, and the buy-side using third-party data to target the cheapest inventory, the ad-tech ecosystem is inefficient.

The lack of a standard definition and know-how among advertisers and publishers is disturbing the supply-path optimisation (SPO) and demand-path optimisation (DPO) ad-tech. The “duelling practices” of SPO and DPO is hindering transparency, safety, and goal alignments for both sides.

Rather than pitting against each other, the ad tech ecosystem must work together to improve operations and create a healthy marketplace with neutral infrastructure for the long-term. Advertisers must select efficient pathways, build direct relationships with publishers, and target high-value consumers for better ROIs.

And, publishers must improve their inventory performances and values, while integrating more with DSPs. This collective approach can help both sides enhance SPO and DPO architecture and create efficient ad-tech.

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