Building cause marketing campaigns that resonate can help companies build goodwill and drive sales

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November 17, 2020, 2:55 PM GMT+0

Brands can use tools like ShoppingGives to incorporate their cause marketing campaigns with their ecommerce stores.

Collaborating with non-profit organisations to create cause marketing campaigns can help brands increase exposure, build trust, deliver memorable experiences. With cause marketing, companies can enhance their corporate social responsibility efforts, build goodwill and boost sales.

To create engaging cause marketing campaigns select causes relevant to the brand and dedicate a specific line of product to the campaign. Creating targetted and transparent policies about the percentage of sales to be donated and maintain a record to ensure the campaign is compliant with state rules like co-venture agreement.

Choosing the right cause marketing partner with aligned ethos and values can help brands resonate with their consumers. Further, creating cause marketing campaigns can help marketers connect with Gen Z and millennials and drive brand awareness.

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