Podcasting can help enhance B2B inbound content marketing efforts

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November 18, 2020, 10:05 AM GMT+0

People are increasingly listening to podcasts to keep up with the latest trends.

Before creating a podcast, businesses should understand their audience segments, consumer needs and desires. Marketers should look for podcasts relevant to their business and request a guest appearance. Providing an easy to remember the link to the brand’s landing pages can help get new visitors.

In case of an own podcast, businesses must invite relevant and popular personalities in their niche to increase brand visibility and expand reach. Collaborating with renowned industry experts can help brands attract potential customers. Creating content on Quora and Reddit can help companies get increased traffic free of cost.

Businesses should invest in SEO and create content to address the specific needs of their audiences. Conducting a competitor analysis can further help B2B marketers identify new opportunities and quality leads.

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