Choose the right DSP with updated tech and safety capabilities to optimise programmatic campaigns

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November 19, 2020, 1:19 AM GMT+0

Creating landing pages with a logo, clear calls-to-action, enticing designs and personalised copies can help brands resonate with their consumers.

This article suggests best practices brands can leverage to effectively optimise their programmatic campaigns. Consider factors like costs, inventory, transparency, brand-safe capabilities, and more while choosing a demand-side platform (DSP) to analyse decisions and boost campaign performance.

Businesses must target the right audiences based on content consumption, demographics and behaviour to create effective programmatic campaigns and build awareness. Brands could collect data from within the campaigns to optimise programmatic platforms.

Performing only one optimisation per week and measuring metrics like CTR, reach, and more ensures optimal performance of the programmatic campaign. Companies can then either optimise their ad creatives, ad placements on sites or apps, or ad exchanges as per their marketing needs.

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