Create unified planning and buying strategy through DSPs to optimise for CTV advertising

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November 19, 2020, 10:55 AM GMT+0

DSPs can help track targeted audience segments across OTT providers like Hulu, and Roku, while helping advertisers to scale.

To enhance CTV advertising, marketers must use the right advertising programmatic platforms and create the best advertising mix. Using programmatic platforms can help marketers effectively increase their reach and manage ad frequencies across devices and networks.

Advertisers must create unified planning and buying strategy via demand-side platforms (DSPs) and target audience segments defined by third parties like Experian. This enables marketers to have a holistic view of their ad performances, while creating transparency and improving optimisation.

Marketers must ensure their planning and buying mix data is optimised for reach and frequency, as not all ad-supported content is available on major DSPs. Further, advertisers can leverage first-party data from major CTV distributors to enhance their ad targeting and frequencies.

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