The focus on communications with a human touch will sharpen in 2021

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November 19, 2020, 9:01 AM UTC

Brands are expected to develop deep-data pictures of each customer for better personalisation.

As consumer behaviour evolves rapidly, businesses will combine user research, analytics, behavioural mapping and social listening to better target audiences in the coming year. Brands will leverage multiple data tools to get closer to customers and then bridge the gap between humans and machines.

Because of the unusual consumer dependence on online content due to lockdowns, content saturation has reached an all-time high. To combat content fatigue and grab user attention in 2021, content creators would need to work harder than usual.

With the pandemic affecting lifestyles, people are expected to be more community and locality driven. The article suggests that leveraging live content like Facebook Q&As, VR art exhibitions, and webinar polls can help brands bring communities closer.

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