Implementing new marketing strategies via social audio feature can help brands boost sales

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November 20, 2020, 1:40 AM GMT+0

Marketers must evaluate audio messages sent by consumers to enhance their customer services.

This article highlights steps marketers could take to improve customer interactions via social audio messages. With podcasting platforms rising in popularity and usage, learning to create high-quality audio content can help marketers optimise skills in the format and achieve their social media goals.

Brands willing to try new marketing strategies with the social audio feature, while providing a human-touch and familiarity can build trust and drive sales. Working to optimise customer interactions and implementing audio-based solutions helps reach new and existing prospects.

Assessing audio messages sent by consumers to the customer support team can help marketers streamline consumer services and understand how consumers interact with a brand. Ensure audio messages sent are warm, authoritative and personalised to add value to consumers’ interactions.

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