Ecommerce companies must focus on long-term customer relationships over one-time transactions

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November 23, 2020, 1:13 AM GMT+0

Online sales are forecasted to reach record high this November, and possibly beyond.

Before launching an ecommerce program, businesses must pick their service providers carefully for needs such as CMS, subscription and more. Be mindful that the most popular providers may also be serving your competitors in the market.

Marketers need to regularly update their ecommerce site and test thoroughly to meet audience needs. Leverage insights from site analytics, user behaviour data and customer reviews to drive engagement and reduce customer friction. Prioritising long-term customer relationships over one-time transactions can help ecommerce businesses develop a loyal customer base.

Additionally, avoid neglecting subscription models and long-term customer relationships to focus on one-off customers or total sales. Nurturing existing customer relationships can help businesses succeed, as it is more profitable and easier to sell to existing customers than new ones.

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