Optimise calls-to-action with search keywords to improve conversion rates by 87%

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November 23, 2020, 5:27 AM GMT+0

Slide-in pop-ups have shown to prompt 27% more submissions than regular end-of-post CTAs.

A Spiralytics report states that optimising calls-to-action (CTA) with search keywords can help brands boost conversion rates by 87% on high-ranking blogs. Anchoring CTA texts helps marketers improve their conversion rates up to 121%.

Conversion rate optimisation programs (CROs) allows companies to generate three times more leads than paid search advertising. With 74% of CRO programs improving sales, brands must implement CRO programs for blogs. 50% of companies consider CRO programs vital to their digital marketing strategy. Companies must create intriguing headlines, as 80% of readers don’t read beyond it.

Also, video marketers generate 66% more qualified leads per year. Blogs with templates can improve conversions by 240%, and retargeted website visitors are 43% likely to convert. User-generated content across industries improved conversion rates by 161%.

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