Black professional travellers in the US seek commitment to diversity from their travel destinations

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November 24, 2020, 2:31 AM GMT+0

A recent MMGY Global study found that Black American leisure travellers account for 12.5% of total US leisure travel spending.

The figure is based on stays of 458.2 million Black US travellers, making it 13.1% of the US travel market. Black leisure travellers with a stay of 2.5 nights each, took three overnight vacations. They spent $600 per night per vacation.

77% of Black professional travellers look for diverse representation in a destination’s marketing materials and 80% evaluate diversity in racial composition while looking to travel. Word-of-mouth and “transparent commitment to diversity” are top considerations among Black professional travellers for possible travel destinations.

Surveying 200 members of the National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals revealed that professional black travellers spend $900,000 on average annually for meetings. Of those polled, 57% usually plan off-site events for meeting attendees.

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