Being transparent while communicating amid growing social movements boosts engagement and sales

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November 25, 2020, 1:55 AM GMT+0

Invest in conversational marketing like chatbots and customer representatives, as more consumers seek one-to-one interactions.

This article highlights marketing trends that emerged amid COVID-19, and the steps brands could take to integrate them into their campaigns. With social justice movements like Black Lives Matter growing, brands must be transparent and socially conscious about their business practices.

53% of consumers are likely to buy from transparent brands on social channels, as per Social Sprout. Addressing user queries, being accountable for mistakes, and acknowledging the success of others are some of the ways brands can be transparent.

Further, companies must create compelling, personalised content for their buyer personas and create video content like 1:1 videos and vlogs to boost their campaign’s performance. With user-generated content (UGC) receiving 28% higher engagement, brands must capitalise on UGC to drive CTRs and lower cost-per-clicks.

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