Marketers can use a countdown timer popup to drive more email signups

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November 25, 2020, 3:21 PM GMT+0

These type of popups can also help sell more products and keep subscribers engaged.

Instead of creating a typical discount popup, online businesses can create countdown timer popups to create a sense of urgency among its audiences. Companies can offer special discount coupons or access to exclusive events for a limited time in exchange for their prospects’ email addresses.

Marketers can also use these popups to create excitement before a product launch. They can create a demand for new arrivals by offering a sneak peek within a limited time to enhance customers’ feeling of anticipation. Countdown timer popups are also effective for promoting flash sales.

As incentivising every abandoning customer can be expensive, companies can offer limited-time offers to reduce cart abandonment rates. This versatile marketing tool, when used in combination of right persuasion triggers like scarcity and urgency, can help achieve conversion goals.

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