Businesses should leverage text messages to strengthen customer relationships

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November 26, 2020, 2:14 PM GMT+0

SMS is a less saturated medium with higher click-through rates and almost five times higher open rates than emails.

While email spam is high, paid advertising is expensive, and consumer attention is low, leveraging text message marketing can be beneficial for businesses looking to build a loyal customer base. Text messages are easy to write and have higher engagement rates than marketing emails.

Text messages can help brands build personal and loyal customer relationships. This mode of communication is more comfortable to respond, and the average response rate for SMS is 45%, as opposed to email at 6%. But, SMS marketing has potentially higher upfront costs, relatively small subscriber lists and legal complexities.

To build effective customer relationships, brands should allow customers to opt-out quickly. They should use text messages to inform customers about useful and essential updates, instead of always using it for promotional purposes.

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