Personalised re-engagement emails can help brands enhance customer retention

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November 26, 2020, 3:31 PM GMT+0

Re-engagement emails are a special kind of transactional newsletter that deals with various types of customer inactivity, hesitation and disengagement.

Businesses can use re-engagement emails to introduce a new concept and remind customers about a pending deal or to improve customer loyalty, among others. Re-engagement emails can be categorised into various types including win-back emails, reactivation emails and customer appreciation emails.

Marketers can centre these emails around various emotions to boost open rates. But, they should also include their most enticing offers in the subject lines. They need to find out why customers opted out in the first place and then take a customised approach to each inactive customer.

Segmenting audiences and then personalising content according to specific customer pain points can help marketers create useful re-engagement emails. Businesses can offer incentives and gifts to inactive users, while also capitalising on emotional factors like FOMO.

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