Researching leads and ranking them based on their value can help drive conversions

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November 27, 2020, 1:11 AM GMT+0

To convert leads into consumers, ensure marketing campaigns are optimised for conversions.

This article highlights lead conversion strategies brands can use to convert accounts, contacts or potential consumers into paying customers. Creating educational and engaging content with clear CTAs can not only convert leads but also build trust and drive consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Conduct market research to understand behaviours, demographics, to segregate leads and rank them based on their value. Leveraging appropriate communication channels aligned with the brand goals and following up with leads can enhance conversions.

Run email marketing campaigns and execute PPC ads to boost conversion rates. Campaigns like personalised and drip emails are high-converting. Using hashtags, user-generated content and analytics on social media can improve awareness, increase sales and achieve high revenue growth. Having a sales division to exclusively handle leads can optimise lead conversions.

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