Ecommerce businesses should make their websites more mobile-friendly to reduce bounce rates

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December 01, 2020, 4:09 PM GMT+0

The average bounce rate arising from the use of mobile phones is 60%, as opposed to 42% for desktop computers.

Companies should optimise their website loading speed as nearly half of customers expect the ecommerce webpages to load within two seconds or less. They should also conduct a technical audit to identify potential errors. Technical issues like error 404 and irresponsive to specific browsers or devices can contribute to high bounce rates.

To reduce bounce rates, businesses should make their websites responsive and mobile-friendly. They should simplify the product menus, make the help centre easily accessible, add a responsive ecommerce theme and add a search function.

Marketers should further ensure their website navigation elements are clear and intuitive with clear CTAs. They should also develop relevant website content and strategically place keywords in metadata to target the right audiences to reduce bounce rates.

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