Brands need a disruptive approach to customer data to future-proof their strategies

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December 02, 2020, 2:20 PM GMT+0

But, they must first own and manage an understanding of first-party customer identity.

Though companies have pivoted to first-party data, they struggle to deploy it. In a complicated, data-driven advertising ecosystem, legacy data partnerships are not sufficient. In most cases, the legacy tools are inefficient, expensive and often insufficient.

As an alternative option, brands are trying to fill the gaps with point data solutions to accomplish specific tasks while deploying first-party data. But, these companies lack robust service capabilities, which result in fragmented data connections and place them in direct violation of evolving privacy norms.

To overcome these challenges, brands need to have a new data orchestration system. This system should be able to ingest any form of identity and assign a persistent ID connected to attribute data and activate it against other media platforms or forms of identity.  

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