Craft various content formats to target and engage consumers throughout the sales funnel

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December 02, 2020, 2:39 AM GMT+0

Content formats marketers can create to match their buyers' journey include videos, infographics, tools, challenges, and more.

While blogposts are engaging, easily consumable, and informational, brands must expand beyond blogs and craft content in various formats to target consumers throughout the funnel. Understanding the Customer Value Journey (CVJ) can help brands create content in varied formats aligned with their consumers' journey.

Videos are effective in informing, entertaining, and captivating users at any point of CVJ and can help drive traffic and improve sales. Marketers can craft infographics to complement long-form blogposts, add clarity to complex topics, and engage prospects.

Creating interactive tools and challenges like content calculators or quizzes for rewards can further enhance customers’ CVJ and retain them. Brands can also develop case studies to portray their product effectiveness and convey audiences’ stories to entice potential consumers.

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