Leveraging personal ABM with intent data can help brands target truly potential prospects

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December 02, 2020, 3:26 PM GMT+0

It can also help companies avoid wasting time and resources on prospects that are less likely to solidify.

Personal ABM involves fewer forms, fewer spams and less cold calls. With intent data and personal ABM, marketers can deliver useful and relevant messaging tailored to buyers’ immediate needs and desires.

To capitalise on the next generation of account-based marketing, businesses need to align sales and marketing teams towards a common goal where they are more focused on building a human connection with their buyers. Instead of guessing the audience needs based on massive industry shifts, generalised challenges faced by customers, brands need to engage in 1:1 interaction with their prospects.

Companies need to get personal with their potential buyers across all channels, including social platforms, to generate more effective intent data. Businesses should then use these insights to optimise intent-data-driven ABM campaigns.

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