Making consumers active partners in advertising through consent and privacy can help rebuild trust

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December 02, 2020, 1:27 AM GMT+0

Consumer panels can help collect data with consent and privacy while providing concrete business results.

With advertisers using CTRs, cookies, and data without consent to determine intent, assess effectiveness, consumers’ trust from brands has been eroded. The article notes brands must develop advertising infrastructure around consumers’ consent, privacy, and real audiences to rebuild trust.

Leveraging consumer panels can provide advertisers direct insights into their consumers' habits, preferences and intent, rather than prying on their privacy. Brands must build an advertising model based on real identities, aligned with consumers’ privacy concerns and consent.

Using panel-based data coupled with consensus data, probabilistic measurement, AI and real consent can provide brands with valuable insights without violating consumer privacy. However, the ad industry must ensure all publishers and advertisers participate in the market, and their data-seller partners are consent compliant.

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