Retailers need email strategies that help in avoiding spam folders

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December 02, 2020, 3:17 PM GMT+0

Around 45% of all emails are spam, and it costs businesses nearly $20.5 billion every year.

Marketers need to optimise their email strategies according to consumer needs and deliver hyper-personalised outreach during the holiday season. Adding interactive elements in email campaigns can help brands drive engagement.

Using Google-powered AMP for emails can help enhance messages with interactive and data-driven features, which can transform the way recipients interact with messages. But, none of these strategies would work if the branded emails land into the receiver’s spam folder.

Having a reliable spam trap network can help retailers monitor and access domains that are underperforming and, identify emails which are flagged as spam and understand the reason behind it. Implementing BIMI authentication feature can help companies portray themselves as credible sources and avoid being sent into the spam folder.

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