A social media contingency plan can mitigate online crises and protect brand reputation

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December 02, 2020, 2:13 AM GMT+0

Install multi-factor authentication software to ensure only authorised personnels log in the brand’s social accounts.

Given social media’s importance to marketing campaigns, this piece suggests strategies marketers can implement to protect their brand online. Developing a social media policy which highlights posting rules online, employees’ roles and more can help protect a brand’s reputation.

Develop a contingency plan with roles for every department to prevent any social media mishaps before it spreads. Tools like KnowEm allows marketers to search for brand name involvement on other social sites and ensure the name is available for usage.

Companies must invest in password management softwares like Dashlane to ensure their social media log-in credentials are well-protected. Setting up a social media monitoring team with listening tools can help marketers track negative brand mentions and resolve them at the earliest.

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