Easily accessible online contests with engaging prizes can help brands attract leads

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December 10, 2020, 11:31 AM GMT+0

Offer discount coupons and resources to contest participants to effectively engage them.

Creating online contests can help brands boost website traffic, grow email lists and social media followers, and build brand awareness for their brand or products. Online contests are cost-effective and can help marketers augment ROI. To execute successful online contests, brands must consider their goals like growing social media followers and tailor campaigns around them.

Next step to be taken by marketers is to determine the type of contest that is going to be held and ensuring its alignment with a business’ holiday or event. Deciding the kind of prize to give away can let brands attract potential prospects and generate leads. Companies must ensure the prizes offered can engage leads and are not “prohibitively expensive”.

Establishing rules, regulations, and details like age, location restrictions and timelines can attract target audiences. Develop social media campaigns and landing pages listing out the goals, prizes and rules to organically and inorganically promote the contest. Crafting posts, images, graphics, relevant copies and promoting the contest through ads on social media can optimise performance.

Ensure the posts for contest’s landing pages isn’t click-bait, is informative about the prize upfront, and provides clear clickable CTA buttons with FOMO to prompt audiences to click and collect. Brands can also ask the contest entrants to refer someone they know or tag friends and families to gain more participants and increase social following.

However, companies must avoid giving away prizes not aligned with the business’ offerings, ensure the contest is easily accessible and not complicated to follow. Every element added to the contest must be simple to avoid “unforeseen logistical hurdles”. Building a proper marketing campaign for the contest can ensure its success.

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