Site structuring improves UX and SEO

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December 23, 2020, 3:13 AM GMT+0

Generating an HTML Sitemap can boost SEO.

Structuring a website right and ensuring its pages are grouped, makes it easier for search engines and visitors to navigate, while enhancing SEO. A website’s architecture is a framework, wherein all relevant content is linked together through URL structures, navigation menus, internal links and more, and presented to users and search engines.

Site structures improve user experience, make navigating a site easier, and ensure every page on the website is easily accessible. Structuring related content on websites can categorise pages in terms of “topical relevance”, and help search engines understand what the site is all about.

Highlight important pages with high-volume keywords, and properly distribute link authority throughout the site to improve SEO. Before site structuring, conduct keyword and topic research, plan the hierarchy of pages and the use of internal links, create navigation menus and more.

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