Make virtual events relevant in 2021

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December 24, 2020, 7:53 AM GMT+0

With virtual events becoming increasingly important, marketers should find ways to improve the attendee experience across the event lifecycle.

Businesses should consider their target audience's persona and stage of the buyer's journey before designing virtual events for the coming year. Instead of inviting C-suite executives to an educational event, marketers should plan virtual networking events tailored to them.

Brands should experiment with tactics like formless registration and conversational marketing to increase the number of event attendees. Using plenty of interactive elements like polls and integrated social posting can help businesses boost event engagement.

Companies should also use polls to gather information about consumer needs. They can further use interactive CTAs like "request a demo" to push audiences towards the bottom of the sales funnel. Brands should clearly mention their sales reps' role across the virtual event lifecycle to avoid unpleasant surprises for their audiences.

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