Rethink UX to boost a site’s performance

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December 24, 2020, 6:10 AM GMT+0

Redesign the site’s navigation, add a scroll feature on the home page and leverage white spaces to improve user experience (UX).

Balancing high-performing content and UX can help brands eliminate design flaws, navigation issues or confusing design elements while redesigning websites. To optimise the performance of sites and drive sales, brands must start with a design plan, and map out their consumers' journey and identify key interactive touch points.

Creating and employing a consistent brand guideline for design elements like fonts, styles and more can help retain consumers' attention on the site. Include social proof like video testimonials and strategically place calls-to-action on the site to build trust and boost conversions.

Optimising the site for mobile devices, making pricing accessible, and offering self-selection tools can also enhance the browsing experience. A/B testing the website’s elements and content can improve performance.

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