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December 24, 2020, 2:01 PM GMT+0

Study shows that longer content is more likely to rank higher on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Writing long-form content can be intense and time-consuming. Instead of writing new articles, each of more than 2000 words, marketers can update their existing webpages with the additional, relevant and latest information. As existing content already carries some authority and an established readership, updating it can help marketers boost search traffic in comparatively lesser time and effort.

Marketers should avoid keyword stuffing in their articles and make sure they limit keywords to less than 2% of their content. They should focus on the content and user search intent, rather than concentrating on keywords and phrases.

Offering value-based, useful and problem-solving content can help brands earn quality backlinks from high-authority domain websites. Link-building activities can further help marketers improve search rankings.

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