Emails with clear CTAs can boost open rates

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December 28, 2020, 2:05 PM GMT+0

Employing email marketing services can help create email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing can help companies communicate with their consumers and prospects while staying relevant and top-of-their-mind. While brands can pitch products and services via emails sporadically and consistently, they must ensure, their email content is informative and entertaining.

Create visually enhancing CTAs with direct and actionable language, as a single CTA, can increase clicks up to 371% and boost revenue up to 1617%. Companies must ensure they have explicit consent from their recipients, and they are informed about its content, to avoid getting flagged as spam.

Marketers must not send emails to purchased, rented or personal mailing lists, and people who are not interested. Double-checking the email content for broken links, inadequate formatting, typos, all caps, exclamation marks, many images, and more can prevent from brands sounding or coming across as spammers.

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