Use memes to enhance engagement

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December 30, 2020, 9:39 AM GMT+0

Memes allow brands to portray their personality and create trending content creatively.

Creating memes and sharing on-target memes can help brands engage with their audiences, develop a sense of community, build brand loyalty and widen their reach. This easy to create, shareable casual and fun content format can help brands entertain and engage audiences.

Marketers must ensure that their memes consistently positively portray the brand persona. Brands can also use meme-generator tools such as Imgur to create memes or upload their images with a text as a meme.

Companies can leverage memes to strengthen their brand personality and promote their products with a sense of perspective. To create relevant and engaging memes, marketers must research their audiences’ demographics and location, and then craft unique and relatable messages. Developing memes based on viral images and research can further help boost engagement.

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