Influencers need a code of ethics

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January 04, 2021, 11:56 AM GMT+0

Creating a rulebook for influencers and brands can help marketers build and maintain a positive brand image while also sharing credible information.

With consumers increasingly trusting influencers as credible news sources, influencers have a responsibility of sharing accurate and fact-based crucial information. As 41% of customers think influencers should use their platforms to discuss current affairs, influencers should share their opinion on topics that drive cultural agenda.

Taking a nuanced messaging approach and maintaining sensitivity while sharing factual information can help influencers strike the right chord. Brands should also carefully monitor their influencer partners’ social media activities and discontinue working with any creator who has engaged in promoting misinformation or dangerous conspiracy.

Developing a code of ethics can help companies clarify their stand on controversial issues, brand values and brand alignment. It can also help brands avoid potential risks associated with misinformation and false/negative brand representation.

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