Adopt inclusive marketing to grow

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January 06, 2021, 9:02 AM GMT+0

Being accountable for actions and addressing social issues can help brands build inclusive marketing campaigns.

Companies looking to grow their businesses and increase loyal consumers in 2021 must practice inclusive marketing strategies. With 61% of Americans considering diversity in advertising to be important as per an Adobe study, more brands could include inclusivity in their marketing campaigns.

Driven by the recent “racial awakening” and the George Floyd incident, more brands are talking about their support for the Black community, and their commitment towards diversity and inclusion. However, just talking about diversity and inclusion won’t help, as customers want to see the proof of inclusion.

Further, organisations are being called out for their superficiality, as consumers suspect a brand’s commitment towards inclusivity and diversity. Brands must engage their communities and consumer groups and deliver products and services that serve diverse and niche audiences.

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