Audit campaigns for long-term returns

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January 06, 2021, 11:23 AM GMT+0

Businesses should calculate their ad spends and allocate some resources to organic marketing initiatives.

Brands of all sizes make the “low-friction, low-ROI decision” to invest vastly on Google and Facebook ads. With this approach to “grow at all costs,” businesses are likely to face ad fraud, which can negatively affect their brand reputation.

Conducting an advertising and marketing audit can help marketers’ spot opportunities to grow and be profitable while also preventing potential ad-fraud related lawsuits. They should carefully analyse ad performance as major platforms like Google and Amazon have “incentives” to show ads on their platforms pay off while organic content does not work.  

Companies should also allocate some of the ad budgets to organic marketing activities like SEO, PR, content marketing and email newsletters to build a profitable long-term strategy. Hiring an experienced agency can help brands achieve that.

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