Consider relevant-time to improve CX

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January 06, 2021, 11:24 AM GMT+0

Relevant-time involves processing customer data while considering the context in real-time.

Considering real-time without context can fuel customer frustration and increase customer churn. In contrast, taking a balanced approach to real-time and relevant-time can help marketers see tangible economic benefits, stronger customer-retention and overall customer satisfaction.

Businesses need to take a pragmatic approach to their real-time adoption and management of customer experience. A detailed analysis can help them understand the brand’s needs and consumer needs related to the detection and interpretation of behaviours based on customers’ refreshed profile.

Companies need to find when and where real-time data is required to improve CX - many situations do not need a real-time understanding and interpretation of recent user behaviour. Additionally, businesses need to note that implementing real-time data processing and usage would need an always-on approach, increasing complexity even in simple data issues and rising operational costs.

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