Automation can enhance sales efficiency

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January 07, 2021, 10:02 AM GMT+0

McKinsey found that 30% of the sales operations can be completely automated.

Global research and advisory firm Gartner has defined sales automation as “systems that support the automation of sales activities, processes and administrative responsibilities for organizations’ sales professionals.” To improve efficiency and attain higher sales closure rate, businesses should consider utilizing sales automation in 2021.

Automating sales processes can help companies focus on more critical tasks while assigning repetitive and time-consuming tasks like data-entry and report-making to automation tools. According to McKinsey, automating sales operations can help companies enhance customer engagement, higher customer satisfaction, and improved efficiency across sales and sale sub-tasks.

Businesses can use sales software tools like HubSpot to automate prospecting and free up more time to close leads with proper sequences and workflows. When applied appropriately, sales automation can help companies improve overall productivity and ROI.

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