Retail media network boosts site traffic

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January 07, 2021, 6:39 AM GMT+0

Advertisers can effectively gather first-party data from a retail media network.

As online shopping grows, brands must invest in retail media network, an advertising platform wherein websites, apps and digital platforms are linked with each other and are within reach. Such a network allows brands to advertise to customers on their sites as a form of in-store advertising digitally.

The network can be used to display ads on different pages of a brand’s website allowing them to target consumers at various stages of their journey. Setting up a retail media network enables retailers to enhance revenues and boost their profits via advertising.

With a retail media network, brands can attribute ad spends to sales, and augment their ad visibility. Consumers can also benefit from retail media networks with better price control and enhanced customer experience, as increased prices can decrease website traffic.

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