FTC to scrutinise gaming gatekeepers

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January 08, 2021, 10:27 AM GMT+0

Tapjoy’s recent deception settlement has far-reaching implications against gaming intermediaries and gatekeepers like Google and Apple.

California-based Tapjoy had failed to police its mobile gaming advertising platform, and cheating developers and gamers out of promised rewards. The Federal Trade Commission said though the case against Tapjoy has been settled, it has raised concerns around harmful practices, “including unlawful surveillance, dark patterns, and facilitation of fraud.”

FTC said Tapjoy is a small part of the larger mobile ad ecosystem. To prevent harm to gamers and developers, the commission has also mentioned it must closely scrutinise gaming gatekeepers, including advertising middlemen and app stores like Google and Apple.

The commission expects to regulate all platforms for apps and games to prevent potential abuse and damage in the future. Commissioner Rohit Chopra said, “the commission will need to use all of its tools — competition, consumer protection, and data protection…”

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