Optimise programmatic pages for SEO

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January 21, 2021, 2:09 PM GMT+0

Programmatic pages are the pages that have been generated automatically on a large scale.

One of the most prominent challenges marketers face when operating on a programmatic scale is well-planned keyword research. As the first step, marketers should divide their site pages into a few templates, including categories, product pages and more.

Businesses can then build keyword lists and keyword modifiers to optimise programmatic pages for search engines. Marketers need to find relevant keywords that they can repeatedly use across all related pages. These keyword modifiers should be implemented across title tags, descriptions, headline tags and content on the page templates.

Adding “related pages” or “people also viewed” sections to the site can help marketers quickly implement internal linking. This smart internal link building strategy can add value to the user and search engine crawlers and link to relevant pages based on affinity.

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