Store designs must focus on storytelling

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January 25, 2021, 3:17 PM GMT+0

Leveraging storytelling can help eCommerce stores foster authentic customer relationships efficiently.

With consumers being more likely to remember an eCommerce website if they feel the business is honest and personal, brands must create a successful storyline around their products/services. Businesses should take a storytelling approach while designing online stores. Portraying the company philosophy through website design can help make website visitors feel like a part of its vision and journey.

Businesses should understand the emotions, feelings and user reactions associated with each colour and then use colours wisely to build consumer trust. For instance, blue signifies credibility, trustworthiness and security, the reason most financial companies use this colour.

Offering an easy-to-navigate user experience with simple checkout features and effective search option can help marketers retain customers. Marketers should further ensure that their eCommerce stores meet accessibility requirements.

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