Marketers should use buyer intent data

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February 01, 2021, 2:15 PM UTC

Understanding buyer intent can help B2B marketers and sales team improve the lead-qualification process and boost sales conversions.

Using data analytics tools can help companies measure their marketing efforts and gain insights into buyer intent. While analysing buyer intent, marketers should consider metrics like keyword searches and behavioural data, among others. They should count both first-party intent data like the website as well as third-party data like review sites.

Businesses must analyse each customer journey stage from interest to purchase. As modern buyers are increasingly becoming dependent on the internet as a research portal, companies should carefully trace customer touchpoints to understand consumer pain points and purchase intent.

Marketers should combine their internal customer data with insights from external vendors to create an accurate buyer’s journey map. Using these insights in content marketing strategy, keyword optimisation, copywriting and lead generation tactics can enhance overall marketing outcome.

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