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February 03, 2021, 9:00 AM GMT+0

B2B marketers need to decide which audiences need their attention and what kind of content aligns with their needs. 

Instead of personalising content for everyone at once, B2B marketers should prioritise their target audiences. They should work with customer success teams and account managers to understand which audiences need attention from the marketing division post-sale. Companies can then prepare content to cross-sell and upsell products/services.

Marketers should build profiles to dive deeper into audience personas. Analysing both first-party and third-party data can help marketers better understand audience needs. B2B marketers should further look to target buyers competitors have overlooked and develop content for them.

Creating personalised content to fill in gaps can help brands be relevant among their potential buyers. Companies should develop personalised content building blocks that address consumer needs, interests and preferences along the buyer journey.

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