Drive sales with psychometric profiling

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February 08, 2021, 2:38 AM UTC

Brands can build accurate customer profiles and deploy appropriate marketing strategies with psychometric profiling.

Psychometric profiling of customers by assessing personality traits, interests, lifestyles, and more can help brands create highly targeted marketing campaigns and boost conversions. With psychometric profiling, businesses can understand consumer intent, enhance conversions, lower cart abandonment, and widen reach on social media platforms.

Companies can also leverage psychometric profiling to target consumers in their marketing outreach plans and create strong branding via hashtags and slogans across platforms. Marketers must track current data like email, web browsing and gather demographic data to understand prospects and segment them into target groups.

To build accurate psychometric profiles, have casual conversations with current audiences via surveys and evaluate needs, preferences, and expectations. Creating relevant ads based on personality profiles and drafting compelling emails and new content can help brands effectively grow their businesses.

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