Employ social listening to manage crises

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February 12, 2021, 12:53 PM GMT+0

An agile and flexible approach can help brands adjust and modify crisis management plans as required.

Having a contingency plan with a checklist and a framework can help businesses manage crises and survive economic uncertainty during an emergency. Brands must stay informed of the current news, trends and events to be ready for any contingency that might arise.

To avert crises, take an initial decision promptly, address issues that impact the company’s value and create an action plan that can help the leadership team take stock of the situation. Frequently monitoring the website performance via social listening can help track the consumer’s changing attitudes.

Brands can also assess their audiences’ sentiments amid the crisis to gain insights into their preferences and expectations from the situation. Revaluating content resources and being transparent about the plan of action can help companies keep their employees and consumers informed and address the problem “head-on”. Read the original article

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