Brands should take a stance on DEI

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February 15, 2021, 1:05 PM GMT+0

Consumers are refocusing on DEI issues since last year’s George Floyd incident.

An Engine Insights study found around more than half of consumers are refocusing on being more conscious about diversity, equity and inclusivity. Approximately 60% of white people and 80% of black people said they focus more on being more DEI conscious.

Around 48% of white consumers and 77% of black people expect brands to take a stance on the Black community issues. More than half of both white and black consumers are also more likely to boycott a brand based on its stance on racial issues. 

Around 40% of white consumers and 75% of black customers said they are more likely to purchase brands based on their stand on issues affecting the Black community. In contrast, less than 25% of white consumers and 10% of black consumers feel brands apologise for racially insensitive stuff from the past. 

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